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Original Records of the First Services at St. John’s Minster
Sunday, July 24, 1904

Below are the signature lists of those who attended the first ever services at St. John's Minster in Lloydminster (July 24, 1904). In addition to each list are typed transcripts prepared at some later (unknown) date so that the hand written names can be identified.  It is obvious that while this transcript was done by those with some familiarity with the original parishioners, that some errors were made and some corrections were attempted.

[Note 1: It is obvious that those who did the typed transcript knew little of the British background. For the Morning Service, toward the upper left portion, the document was signed by “William Taylor, Principal, Sir Walter St. John's School, London and lecturer on education at St. John's College Battersea”.

The transcribers have rendered the word “College” as the name “Totley” and initially converted Battersea,

an English village at the time, into a person's name, first Bateman, then, D. Atkinson, before the correction to Battersea.]

[Note 2: What is often forgotten in the popular lore, is that Rev. Lloyd was a family man and the signatures of his wife Marion and of their children at the Morning Service are of special interest. Arthur, for example, was only 8 years old when he printed his name that Sunday morning. He would die of war wounds, May 7, 1917 near Vimy Ridge.]