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Additional Information for those who appear on the S. S. Lake Manitoba passenger list in April 1903

George William English
1896 - 1915

One of the children on the S. S. Lake Manitoba was George English. Born March 23, 1896, he had just turned 7 when the ship left Liverpool. We can imagine him exploring the ship and having childhood adventures along the way. His father, William Henry English, became an Anglican deacon in the Bresaylor area. When World War I broke out, George was among the first to enlist - September 23, 1914. Only seven months later, he was part of the Second Battle of Ypres

“The Germans released a second batch of chlorine gas … on 24 April, this time directed against Canadian troops situated north-east of Ypres and again prefaced by a sharp artillery bombardment. Again the German forces gained ground against the unprotected Canadian troops, although fighting was fierce, spreading far south to Hill 60.  The novelty of gas warfare was wearing off, and the advancing German infantry sustained heavy losses from the defending Canadians.”  - From FirstWorldWar.com

George English was among the thousands who died that day and was consigned to an unmarked grave. He had just turned 19.