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This section deals with various technologies and mediums of communication in Lloydminster and District.

Below: Opening of the AGT Office in Lloydmnster.
Caption highlights the “operators” or “telephone girls”

Above: Barb McKeand demonstrates using a crank operated wall telephone, common from the 1920’s through the 1940’s. You cranked the handle on the upper left to signal the “telephone girl” who would connect you to the party you wished to call. Local calls were immediate but long distance calls had to be booked in advance and an appointment was set up - up to two weeks in advance for overseas calls after they became available in 1928.

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Photo by Foster Learning Inc.

Below: an example from 1978 of a long running column in the Lloydminster Times by Libbie Young.  She featured comments on local events plus recipes and inspirational thoughts.

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Wes Saunders

Long time radio and TV news anchor - he was the voice of Lloydminster, a true professional, and literally the anchor of Lloydminster television throughout its early years.

In those days, there was several hours of locally produced programming each day on CKSA from children's shows, to a noon hour news magazine, and local talk and interview programs. [Example below: Wes Saunders interviews Al Oeming and his cheetah live in the local studio.]

It is a sad example of "unprogress" that eventually locally produced television programming amounted to less than 1 hour per day.

(you can't count tapes from CBC News Network as "local" news)

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Above: In the News: NewCap Television recently (2013) renamed their newsroom the Wes Saunders Newsroom to honour the contribution he made during 37 years in radio and television in Lloydminster. Wes is shown here with his son, Rob Saunders - Deputy Mayor of Lloydminster.

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Photo courtesy of Kim Smith - NewCap TV