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Community Service

This section deals with Community Service Organizations in Lloydminster and District.

Photo 1982 - by Jessie Moore

Makers and preservers of Lloydminster History - 1982

Left-right: back row: Ron Kenyon, Everett Moore, Faith Kenyon

Middle row: Edna Sylvester, George Ives, Kitty Ives, Richard Larsen

Front row: Maude Carrivick, Jane Larsen, Flora Charman

photo courtesy of Sylvia Fisher

Rotary Club of Lloydminster - 1955

Front Row (l-r): Charlie Moxley, Ray Nelson, Marshall Tindall, George Weins, Jim Hemstock, Del Thrower, Reg Wade, Tom Wakeling, Vern Miner.

Second Row (l-r): Neville Goss, Eddie Cleve, Art Shortell, Al Clews, Dave McCauley, Cec Bellward, Rene Robertson, Bill Skinner, Don Cleal, Rene Delande, Mel Lavold.

Third Row (standing l-r): Archie Miller, Bill Ibbott, Mel Coons, Herb Spence, Tom Steele, Walter Thorpe, Nick Ewanowich, Carl Scogland, Charlie Sunderland, Bob Ellis.

Fourth Row (back l-r): Chris Anderson, Lou Hanson, Harold Fossey, George Baynton, Ken Fisher, George Ross, Bruce Antsey, Harry Leonard, George Bodard.