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Crime and Calamity

This section deals with Crime and Calamity in Lloydminster and District.

The Great War of 1914 - 1918 was the largest calamity - but it turned out that it was not “the war to end all wars”. Here, on Remembrance Day 1940, the residents of Lloydminster gather to celebrate the past and sent another contingent off to war.                                             - Photo courtesy of Bruce

Left: The fire brigade tries out a new pumper, as captured by a nervous photographer.  Despite the technology, Lloydminster, like most of the urban centres of the day, experienced periodic devastating fires.

Photo courtesy Marjorie Brooks

Right: The old, old post office was Lloydminster’s pride.  Built in 1912 - it was destroyed in the Great Fire of August 19, 1929.

Photo courtesy Doug Aston

Left: Tornado - Friday, July 8, 1983

What a local newspaper described as "a freak tornado" left one person seriously injured, dozens of animals dead, and inflicted "hundreds of thousands of dollars" of damage.  The injured man, 25 year old Wade Cooper, was thrown 100 meters into a nearby field.

Below: Meteorite - November 20, 2008

Landed near Lloydminster, at Buzzard Coulee

It was one of the larger meteorite events, in terms of number of fragments recovered

and mass of the larger fragments, in recent earth history.

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