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This section deals with the political governance of Lloydminster and District.
The most remarked feature of Lloydminster is its status as one municipality occupying space in two provinces.
While visitors find this a source of fascination, local residents take it, perhaps too much, for granted.
Particularly for City Council and City officials it means dealing with two provincial bureaucracies, regulatory systems, and political realities. To a remarkable degree, residents have done well at preserving a sense of one community despite the divisions imposed on us from outside.

City Council elected in the October 2012 election
L-R: Back: Larry Sauer, Jason Whiting, Alan Cayford, Linnea Goodhand, Front: Rob Saunders, Jeff Mulligan (Mayor), Chris McQuid
Alan Cayford has since been replaced by Lachlan Cummine [inset above] elected in April 2013 bye-election

Railway Border Marker Park - Official Opening
August 24, 2010

The first "Border Marker" was a post installed by Canadian National Railway near their station.  It took a sharp-eyed passenger to notice it from the train window. Locals didn't give it much attention and over the years it succumbed to neglect and abuse.

Now, thanks to Gene Ewanowich of Signs by Gene, along with Streetscapes and the City of Lloydminster, it has been replaced by the bright new marker and a small surrounding park above, where Mayor Jeff Mulligan helped mark another celebration of "The Border City".

 Photo courtesy Barb Gulka

 Photo courtesy City of Lloydminster

Local Governance

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