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This section deals with health and health care in Lloydminster and District.

The first Lloydminster Hospital (shown above) opened in 1906.  Matron Alice Hunter (in white - centre) dispensed care. Other nurses such as: Mrs Beveridge and Miss Drewe did yeoman work through the years but the hospital lacked adequate financing and had to be closed from April to November 1912.  This crisis prompted David G. Tuckwell to lead an effort that became known as the union hospital movement.  You can read that story in my upcoming article in Saskatchewan History Magazine

The success of the Union Hospital idea allowed the opening of the new hospital (above) in 1917.  The old 1906 hospital can be seen in the right rear - transformed into a nurse’s residence.  Photo courtesy of Marjorie Brooks

On the north-east corner of 49 Ave. and 50 St., the Medical Hall drug store helped fill Lloydminster’s prescription needs.  This 1906 photo (above) shows Lloydminster’s first full-time physician, Dr. W. W. Amos, on the left of the group of men, wearing a white straw hat. His office was upstairs.

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