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Currently featuring some recently received photos and information concerning the Electric Supply Plant which supplied Lloydminster’s electrical power from 1907 to 1930 - and continued in operation until the early 1950’s.

This material derived, in part, from donations from the Morison family in the United Kingdom.  more

Industry and Manufacturing

This section deals with Industry and Manufacturing in Lloydminster and District.

Fabricating vessels for all phases of the oil industry is an important part of Lloydminster’s industrial base.  This one, from Universal Industries, leaves on a cold winter morning.

The first manufacturing business in Lloydminster was a brickyard established in 1905 by James Gee. Above is a photo of the builder's mark Gee put on all his buildings - a plaque with an inverted horse shoe containing his initials S J G.  Although the clay was inconsistent and the quality of the bricks less than ideal, they were used in many of the early buildings.  One example, still with us (remarkably) is St. John's Minster Anglican Church.  Gee was more than a brick maker.  He was an experienced and skilled builder and an active community and family person as well. - more

Below: Photo shows Tuplin Sand and Gravel "plant" making asphalt for local roadways c.1950

Husky Refinery is visible in upper right corner

"Plant" location where the Ramada Hotel stands presently (2013)

Photo courtesy of Frank Tuplin

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