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Oil and Gas

This section deals with the Oil and Gas Industry in Lloydminster and District.

"The heady excitement of the early finds often deteriorated as quickly as the oil production. Wells sanded in or watered out. It took awhile before we realized we had a special type of oil; a black, thick, smelly, highly viscous crude - now called heavy oil. For more than 60 years we’ve been responding to its challenges. It’s generated more work than conventional oil, prompted more inventive technologies, and fostered a greater spirit of innovation. Now, in the 21st  Century, our expertise and innovations are sought after throughout the world. Our heavy oil community has contributed to a significant expansion of the recoverable energy reserves of planet Earth. Not bad, eh!"

- From Bordering on Greatness: A History of Lloydminster's First Century

Left: It didn't happen often around here but sometimes we did get a gusher.  Unfortunately  this one caught afire, May 2, 1937.

Negative: Doug Aston Collection

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For more about the history of Oil and Gas in the Lloydminster area, visit http://www.lloydminsterheavyoil.com

See especially the "Oil People" link which features a growing list of "Oilfield Veterans" and their stories.

The first development of the oil industry in the Lloydminster area was in the late 1920’s about 70 km south west at the Dina Field - shown here overlooking the Battle River valley.

Photos courtesy of the BCHCC Collection