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This section deals with organized religion in Lloydminster and District.
Lloydminster was founded, thanks to two Anglican clerics: Isaac Montgomery Barr and George Exton Lloyd
While Barr was more questioning and nuanced in his thinking than Lloyd, they both shared a passion
for extending what they saw as the benefits of British legal, political, and intellectual culture; and the morality of the Christian religion. Lloyd tried to capture this in his insistence that if the new community was to carry his name, it should also show the central role of the church by appending the word “Minster”,
which means “mother church” - a mother surrounded by “daughter churches” to serve those in “the Districts”.  This view of town and rural as one community, and Lloydminster as the central service centre, were both very influential in shaping the character and culture of the area - down to even today.

Church Histories

St. John's Minster Anglican Church

Grace United Church

St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church

First Baptist Church

Southridge Community Church

Living Faith Pentecostal

Ukrainian Orthodox Church

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