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1927: In early spring of this year, two young men from the newly organized Pentecostal Bible College in Winnipeg, introduced the Robinson family of Lloydminster to Pentecost (parents of Sarah Ball, who later would pastor the church with her husband, Rev.  W. F. Ball).  With Wesley O'Brien at the organ and Gordon Atter speaking about the move of the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Lord became very real in services held in private homes, in a tiny room over an old bakery, in a small band hall, and in an uncompleted funeral parlour.

1928: In early spring, Saskatchewan District Superintendent Walter McAlister, along with Pastor and Mrs. Alfred Scratch from Cutknife, and Mervold Jackson of Spruce Lake, erected a small gospel tent on the edge of an oat field, which today is 47th Street and 54th Avenue.  The workers in charge, Miss Nellie Hendrickson (who later became a missionary to Kenya) and Miss Ivy Sparks saw victories won in the Lord's name.

1929-1930: At this time Miss Hilda Volens and Pastor and Mrs. Tom Kennedy gave leadership to the Pentecostal believers.

1931: Rev.  Wilbert Greenwood pastored the Pentecostal group for $5.00 a month, living in a tent with wood flooring and eating a lot of cracked wheat with milk and sugar.

1947-1951:  Samuel and Mrs. Peregrym along with 7 sons and 3 daughters, moved from Beaverdam, AB to a farm west of Lloydminster.  Samuel Peregrym began having Ukrainian Pentecostal meetings in the home of Nick Kutney.  Later an apostolic brother and his wife, Fred and Mrs. Shorland moved to Lloydminster and joined in on the meetings.  As more English-speaking Pentecostals began to attend, the gatherings developed into 2 language services. Samuel Peregrym invited Rev.  Bill Melnychuck, Superintendent of the Western Slavic Conference to a gathering, and it was decided that a church should be built.

1952: A parcel of land along 50th Avenue on the north Alberta side of Lloydminster was purchased from Ray Nelson.  Construction began as Samuel Peregrym and sons Peter, Bill, and Steve went working in a logging camp to obtain material for a new church building.

1954: On the third Sunday in March, the Pentecostal Tabernacle in Lloydminster held its first dedication service, with many Pentecostal believers attending from other churches in Alberta.

1955-1958: Samuel Peregrym turned the ministry over to Rev.  Peter Kerychuk, who was able to preach in English as well as Ukrainian.  Quarterly business meetings were changed over to bi-annual meetings. 

1958:   The first church board consisted of Emie Hamre, Metro Fedow, Lloyd Hess, Fred Shorland, Peter Peregrym, Bill Peregrym and Pastor Kerychuk.  Church secretary-treasurer was Joan Peregrym.  Women's Missionary Circle President was Mrs. Hess with Mrs. Kerychuk as assistant and Joan Peregrym as secretary-treasurer.  Though Steve had previously married the year before; during the fall and spring of 1958-1959, three Peregrym children were wed: Peter to Darlene, Helen to Mike Kashuba, and Bill to Lorraine. 

1958-1963: During this period, Rev. and Mrs. W. F. Ball were brought in to pastor since they could stay with relatives, thus allowing the parsonage to be rented out to pay church debts.  By end of 1961 all outstanding bills were paid except for a PAOC loan.  Pastor Ball's salary was raised from $125 to $150 per month.  It was through this time of ministry that many young couples had baby dedications.  And the church grew.

1963-1971:  With the arrival of Pastor Mike and Jesse Wall and sons Calvin and Wesley, the work took on a family type of ministry.  Since E. L. and Norma Sunderland lived near Paradise Valley with their 5 sons Myron, Wilfred, Delmar, Dennis, Eldon, and one daughter Myrna, soon there were 2 weekly Bible studies.  Tuesday night in Lloydminster and Thursday night at the Sunderland farm.  Friday night became youth and family night.  The MeRae, Stellmacher, Lane and Hendricks children along with others, became Uncle Mike's children's choir.  Pastor Mike Wall suggested a mortgage burning ceremony at the 10 year anniversary March 1, 1964.  All the congregation were in favour.

1972-1978:  During this period of church history, the work again took on a change.  On March 20, 1972 the congregation made the choice to move from the Western Slavic branch of PAOC to the Alberta and Northwest Territories District of PAOC.  Also on October 11, 1973 the church became registered with the Alberta government as Pentecostal Tabernacle Lloydminster.  Under the ministry of Rev.  George and Linda Richmond, the assembly moved into a new church building program.  Two cattlemen families from Marsden area, Harold and Roy Biensch, joined the fellowship at this time and became very much involved in the new building work.  On April 7, 1974 the membership had a second building dedication.  This time the location was on the south end of the city adjacent to a yellow canola field, which today is 5 1 01 3 1 " Street.  From this time forward, baptism services could be conducted in the sanctuary.  With these new facilities complete with a sound system, a youth band was formed.  Through efforts of two brethren, Peter Peregrym and Brian Kilback, additional property was obtained for future growth.  

1978-1980:  Through this short tenure of Pastor Ken and Mrs. Smith, a dial-a-meditation telephone ministry developed.

From the sale of the old church manse, funds were made available to pay off the new church loan.  The congregation was now more able to direct their resources toward church ministry.  Since other Pentecostal works were developing within the city, the assembly chose the name Living Faith Pentecostal Tabernacle Lloydminster.

1981-1986: Pastor Angus and Hilda McClain, together with their Pastor son Stuart as assistant, led the congregation into a close, strong and hard working group of believers.  It was during these 6 years that a 3-bus ministry reached out to children throughout the city.  A men's fellowship developed and the work grew into a labour of love.

1987-1989: Pastor Bob and Mrs. Osbome, along with assistant Pastor Paul Burke, carried on a short ministry at Living Faith.  It was a time of strong pulpit ministry. Through youth work, the drama ministry of Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames made an impact within the community.

1990-1993: Pastors Jack and Joanne Wright came on staff to provide a husband and wife evangelistic style of ministry.  Also during these years, Cliff and Cherith Quist, with their son Shane and daughters Jill and Leslie, ministered anointed gospel music in the services.  Often other members of the Quist family would join in with the band.  Outsiders would come and join in because of the type of ministry in the services.

Oct 1993-Mar 1994: Pastor Al Werbiski from Vegreville provided interim ministry to the congregation until new pastors could be acquired.  On weekends, Jeff and Chontelle Butters would journey out from Northwest Bible College in Edmonton to provide ministry for the church youth.

1994-2004:  By Divine appointment and church choice, two pastor families arrived to provide ministry at Living Faith Lloydminster.  Fresh from Bible college studies and with zeal to win souls for Jesus, these two families along with the other families of this assembly, worked for the Lord.  Pastor Tim and Lucy Acey with their 2 sons and daughter, originally provided ministry in the Arctic before entering college and coming to Lloydminster.  Pastor Jeff and Chontelle Butters with their son and daughter, having both had Bible college training, carried on a ministry to the youth of this assembly and the youth of this city, Pastor Caroline Morgan also assisted in this youth and young adult ministry.

Special mention has to be made of the women of this assembly who have laboured and ministered, and are ministering in the Lord to this area and this generation.  Some have been in the forefront and some have been behind the scenes.  

The Lord knows - Until Jesus comes, there is a Living Faith in Lloydminster!

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