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Medical Hall Drugs

The interior in the late 1930’s.
(Left to right) Harold Aston, Rex Scott (salesman with Rexall Drugs),
Claude Aston and Alex Miller

Clipping from Lloydminster Times - 1974

Exterior in the 1950’s
The comic books were just to your left when you went in.

The Paradise Valley branch
Extant during the 1940’s and 1950’s



One of the longest running local businesses, and a landmark on the comer of 50th Street and 49th Avenue, was the Medical Hall Drug Co. In 1907 when the business was two years old, it was purchased from Dr. J. T. Hill by Spurgeon Aston and Alex Miller.  Spurgeon was the druggist and Alex the salesman.  It was the only drugstore in Lloydminster for the first decade.  In the early days, the two-storey structure also housed a Land Titles office and the practice of Dr. W. W. Amos.

Spurgeon's brother Claude and nephew Harold bought Spurgeon's part of the business in 1923.  Disaster struck in 1929 when the Medical Hall burned to the ground, along with most of downtown Lloydminster.

The drug store was rebuilt, and during the 1930's diversified into many unusual lines, including sporting goods, radios, Gramophones, Victrolas, and records. Following the Second World War the Medical Hall also sold household appliances.  Later, the camera department would be the largest in Lloydminster.

Harold's brother Cecil and sister Elsie were both Pharmacists and on staff at one time.  Thus it became a four generation business.  Bob Baynton, brother of George Baynton Sr. was a partner in the Medical Hall for several years before taking over Moxley Drugs in the early 1960's. Harold's son, Doug, bought into the store in 1962.  The Medical Hall had been in the Aston family for over 80 years when it was sold to Ron Lane in 1989.  In 1992 the drugstore was closed, the end of an era.