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Morison Electrical

Thanks to the Morison family for the photo above and some further details about Lloydminster's first electrical plant.  According to their information, in 1907, Oscar Morison and his brother Theodore were contracted to run the Electric Supply Plant in Lloydminster on behalf of the Canadian Government.  They left in 1909 as they had inherited a small fortune from a wealthy aunt. We have information about this plant in Bordering on Greatness (p. 98) but associated with William Johnson who operatged it from 1910 - 1930 when it was taken over by Canadian Utilities.  The plant continued to supply some of Lloydminster's electrical needs until 1955.  Since then, all electricity has been brought in via transmission lines from greater and greater distances.  

Photo courtesy of Jack McGuffie, whose father managed the lumberyard in the 1920’s

The Electric Supply Plant was the source of Lloydminster's Electricity from about 1907 to 1955. The adjoining Empire Lumber Company became the Hayward and Harris Lumber Yard around 1920.