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Pioneer Recollections

Even while they were on their journey, participants in the “Barr Colony” knew that this was an epic, historic adventure.  Thus, there are numerous accounts by participants of their adventure.  Links to some of these are below.

Canon W. H. English was a Colonist with the “main party”, along with his wife and three children. The account is from a newspaper article authored by reporter, Mrs. A. N. Wetton - click here

Bishop Lloyd's Son [Frank Percival Lloyd] Recalls Founding of Present Lloydminster by British Colonists - a newspaper report of a presentation to a banquet held July 22, 1953, authored by reporter, Mrs. A. N. Wetton - click here

Diary of the George C. Wood and family - on the S. S Lake Manitoba from Liverpool to Quebec City, May 16 to 26, 1905 and thence by rail via Ottawa to Winnipeg. - click here

Recollection of Fred Hayes, a “Barr Colonist” who stayed mostly around Saskatoon before returning to England in 1909. - click here (pdf)

Art Wells was only five when he arrived in 1929, but in later years he wrote an interesting reflection on his family’s move and experiences farming in the Lloydminster District.  - click here

Collection of letters and photos by Alice and William Rendell describing early life in Lloydminster - click here