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Policing in Lloydminster

The North-West Mounted Police was formed in 1873 and staged their famous march west in 1874.  By the time the Barr Colonists arrived, the NWMP had policing the West well in hand and immediately became aware of the plight of the green-horn colonists and, thus, kept a close eye on their travails.

A detachment was established in Lloydminster in the summer of 1903 under the command of Inspector T. McGinnis, 2 constables, and a supernumerary constable.  Much assistance was rendered to isolated farmsteads and settlers in distress.  However, there was policing too.  An early case demonstrated the famous “Mounties always get their man” credo.  Farmer Pike had two horses go astray.  They were found later in the possession of one Silas Brickford.  A warrant was issued for Brickford but he had disappeared.  More than a year later, Brickford was arrested near Dundurn, SK in October of 1905, and was returned to Lloydminster for trial.  Ultimately he was found guilty and fined $50.00 and costs.   

The NWMP added “Royal” in 1904 and continued to police Lloydminster until 1917 when Saskatchewan and Alberta created Provincial Police forces.  The RNWMP detachment was closed in Lloydminster and some of the officers moved to Onion Lake, which was under federal jurisdiction.  When the Provincial Police forces were disbanded in 1925, the Onion Lake detachment moved to Lloydminster with an office on Church St. (50th St.) Commanded by Corporal F. Pearson.

In 1934, the RCMP moved into offices on the upper floor of the new Post Office where they remained until 1959 when a separate detachment building on Highway 16 and 48 Ave. Was opened.  With the growth of Lloydminster  a larger detachment facility opened in 1982 at 4701 - 47 Ave.

In 2012, the RCMP in Lloydminster shifted their organization to fall under K Division in Edmonton, ending there long affiliation with Saskatchewan Command.  In 2013, a new facility is under construction at the west end of the  property occupied by City Hall.

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(Left) Leslie Rendell (1898 - 1997) was the son of William and Alice Rendell. He joined the RNWMP about 1918.  He served in a number of locations in Saskatchewan before being posted to Lloydminster in 1939.  He left policing in 1941 to join the Royal Canadian Air Force.