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Provincial Synod

Anglican Church Province of Rupert's Land

May 29 - June 1, 2003

As part of the Centennial of Lloydminster, and in recognition of the central role the Anglican Church played in the founding and ongoing life of the community, the Provincial Synod of the Anglican Church Province of Rupert's Land was held in Lloydminster from May 29 to June 1, 2003.  Some 144 delegates from 8 dioceses spanning the Arctic, the three Prairie Provinces, and Part of Northern Ontario, traveled to Lloydminster for sessions held at St. John's Minster and at Lakeland College.

One of the highlights was the election of a new Provincial Metropolitan, as a consequence of the retirement of Archbishop Tom Morgan from that post.  In surely a once only historic event, some 13 bishops, along with clergy and lay delegates squeezed into our local St. John's Minster and, after 4 ballots chose Bishop John R. Clarke, Bishop of the Diocese of Athabasca, to succeed to the post.

Outgoing Metropolitan Archbishop Tom Morgan, accompanied by Rev. Peter Yeung.

Bishop John Clarke was elected the new Metopolitan.

The Synod also featured many working sessions where laity and clergy discussed issues of the day, and of the ages.

As usual, volunteers helped.  Dorothy Foster looked after delegate registration and served as liaison between visitors and the local parish and community.

All photos © 2003 by Foster Learning Inc.