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Radio and Television

Art Shortell (below, left) had the vision and drive to establish a radio and television station in Lloydminster.  At the time (1957), the population was only about 5,000 people.  Art had been a ham radio operator so knew the technical aspects better than most station owners. This technical knowledge was a real asset in the early days because Shortell could fix the transmitting equipment when it broke down.

(Below, right) CTV National News Anchor Lloyd Robertson poses with our local anchor Wes Saunders.

(Below, right) Broadcast Center - home of AM and FM radio stations and affiliates of both the CTV and CBC television networks.

(Below) Michael Higgins at his desk in 1997 as News Director. He also anchored the evening News Hour.

Photo by Don Whiting

Photos courtesy of Wes Saunders