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Western Canada Baseball League Players - for Lloydminster Meridians

Curly Williams (1925 - 2011)

Easily the most popular of the Lloydminster Meridians and one of the most talented, his career in Lloydminster spanned the the era from 1954 to 1963.  Speed, power, amazing glove work but it was his ready smile and engaging personality that captured fans everywhere.  

In 1995 the Florida Marlins saluted Curly and other Negro League veterans. His home town of Sarasota, Florida honoured him with a Curly Williams Day.  Local newspapers recounted his days in the Negro Leagues and mentioned in passing that he had played throughout the United States, in Mexico, and "even Saskatchewan".

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Photo courtesy of Leona Brost

Barney Brown (1907 - 1985)

Seasoned veteran of Cuban, Mexican and Negro League baseball, Brown is shown here arriving around July 1, 1955 to join the Lloydminster Meridians.  A left handed pitcher, he threw a variety of off-speed curveballs and other "junk" pitches.  He had an impressive season in '55 and hit well too but the next year his performance was off somewhat.  It was to be his last year of professional ball in a career that dated back to 1931.  When he arrived in Lloydminster, he admitted to being 42 years old but records made available following his death in Philadelphia in 1985 showed that he had actually been 47 when the picture to the left was snapped.

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Collins Jones (1925 - ?)

Left - Slugger Collins Jones.  Robbed of the batting crown in 1954 (when qualification was set on games played rather than at bats), Jones was traded from Moose Jaw to Lloydminster. The Meridians gave up their top hurler, Max Weekly, to get Jones who hit .331 and led the league in doubles and runs batted in.

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Photo courtesy of Leona Brost