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Jonathan Fox III
1919 - 2008

Jonathan Fox III was often referred to as Canada's Master Breeder. He was a dominant force on Canada’s agriculture scene for most of his life. Known for his "look ahead vision" and innovative ideas. He bred prize animals of many breeds, but notably: Percheron and Morgan horses and Polled Herefords.

Justamere Farms, near Lloydminster, in Saskatchewan, became famous throughout the world. Jonathan's father, Jonathan Fox II founded Justamere Farms, in 1919. Fox II had established a livestock operation (Pleasant Grove Stock Farm) in 1899 near Rochester, Minnesota, raising registered Shorthorn cattle, Percheron draft horses and Poland China hogs. On a trip to Western Canada, the elder Fox, bothered by asthma, felt so much healthier that he decided to relocate.

Jonathan Fox Ill was born at Simpson, Olmsted County, Minnesota, USA, September 6, 1919, but soon after was brought to Justamere Farms. He grew up helping his father with the registered Shorthorns, Percherons, Yorkshire hogs and a Cheviot sheep flock. Even from a young age, his father would ask him to evaluate animals and point out their best traits. In the mid 1930's, he bought out the Percheron herd and took over management of the Shorthorn herd and in 1946 took over the whole operation, except for the hogs, which were run as a hobby by his dad. In February 1941, Jonathan III married Molly Sutherland, whose parents migrated from Weck, Scotland to Saskatchewan in 1919.

Jonathan started a registered Holstein herd in 1948 and in 1955 he started the Polled Hereford herd which was to become internationally famous. He also imported the first Chianinas to North America, but it was with Polled Herefords that his career shone the most.

Jonathan began official judging of both horses and cattle at age 21, and was a licensed livestock auctioneer, but he was too busy improving his herd and judging shows to pursue auctioning as a trade. His judging abilities were always in demand and he had to turn down many requests. Those he did covered such major events as the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and the Chicago International. Ever practical, he was the first judge to review livestock from horseback.

As a breeder, he sold bulls into all but five states of the United States and exported Polled Herefords to Japan, England, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Hungary and Taiwan.

The awards and honours bestowed upon Jonathan Fox III are numerous but to list a few: first Canadian “Man of the Year” 1982, by the Denver based Record Stockman; Saskatchewan Salesman of the Year 1970-71, Northern International Hall of Fame in 1969.  He was inducted into Canada's Agriculture Hall of Fame in 1973 and the Saskatchewan Hall of Fame the same year.

Justamere Farms in still managed by the Fox family. Jonathan and Molly "retired" to Justamere Morgan Ranch in the Heffley Creek area near Kamloops, Bntish Columbia. However, they eventually returned to Lloydminster, living in town but keeping an eye on things going on on the farm. Jonathan passed away October 3, 2008 in Lloydminster.   


Just A Mere Philosophy

by Jonathan Fox III

Business will continue to go where invited and stay where appreciated.

Reputations will continue to be made by many acts and lost by one.

People will go right on preferring to do business with friends.

Go-givers will become the best go-getters.

The extra mile of personal effort will be free of traffic jams.

Performance will continue to outsell promises.

Enthusiasm will be as contagious as ever.

Know-how will out-perform guess-how.

Trust, not tricks, will keep customers loyal.

Quality will be prized as a precious possession.