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Surnames G to M
Preliminary List - more nominations, information, photographs, etc. welcome



Gee, James S.

Builder - more

George, Craig


Gulak, Pat


Gulka, Barb

Business owner and community supporter

Hill, John Travers

Early medical doctor and agriculturalist - more

Holtby, Braden

NHL goalie - more

Hudson, E. G.

Mayor and Fire Chief

Ives, George

Barr colonist, soldier, survivor

Kemp, Jack

Soldier, civic employee

King, Grant

Business leader, Gibson Petroleum

Kondro, Bill


Kwasnica. Miro

Teacher, MLA

Lamont, Alison

Dancer, business owner

Lloyd, George Exton

Founding father - more

Manners, Lynn

Local history supporter

McCaw, David

Business owner

Miner, V. U.

Mayor, lawyer

Morrell, Hugh

Teacher, Sports leader

Mulligan, Jeff

Business leader, Mayor